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"I was so excited to find DispatchPhoto.com on Craigslist. Our need for a photographer came up very sudden. We needed detailed photographs taken of some heavy machinery so that we could make a better decision about purchasing it. When I contacted Tim (out of Dallas, TX) he responded right away and was able to get the job done in a day. The process was fast, reliable and professional – and we received everything we needed (and more). I would highly recommend DispatchPhoto.com and will definitely use them again in the future."
--Matt DeLaMontanya, Owner/Ad-Lite Crane Service, Marin County, CA

"Our company was in need of professional photos for our website to help attract potential franchisees. We needed them fast and attempted to obtain three quotes. We contacted Tim Purpura at DispatchPhoto.com and he responded right away. At first, the low price concerned us but after looking at the portfolio of work done, we were sold. The other bids came in a day or two later but were much higher. We then set up our photo shoot with Tim for three days later and actually received the completed digital images the very same day! It was easy, efficient, and extremely professional."
James Villasana, President, The Smoothie Factory, Inc., Richardson, TX

"We spent many hours shooting our rental apartment using our own camera. We tried to get the lighting just right, staged areas with tasteful furnishings but just could not get the right photos. With the crash of the real estate market we found ourselves competing head to head with brand new condos with all the bells and whistles that have turned rental. The developers have good written ads and professional photos. After hiring Mark Mahar from DispatchPhoto.com to shoot our apartment, we rented the place in ten days. Mark was pleasant, accommodating and skilled at capturing the best views and angles to really show off our rental unit. Mark also had various wide angle lenses and professional flash units that allowed him to shoot our small rooms and frame the entire space in one shot. The rooms actually look a little bigger than what they are. Prospective tenants really shop around first online and that is why Mark's great photos helped us during this very competitive rental market."
Steven Gerard, Chicago, IL

"We hired Reid Stangenberg, DispatchPhoto.com's Redding, CA representative to capture our “AmeriCorps in the North State” program launch. His photos were a perfect reflection of our intent. Reid did such a good job, with such an interest in the subject, that we have since requested his services again. I really appreciate the motivated commitment Reid demonstrated in our recent event. I believe the reason Reid is a successful photographer is he has a true heart for service. This is a key trait in our non-profit organization. Thank you Reid!"
Julie J. Wright, Project Coordinator, The Child Abuse Prevention Council of Shasta County, CA

"I am selling my home and my realtor is photographically challenged. So I found Randy Jones of Carolina Photographics, a member of the DispatchPhoto.com Network. He was very professional, got the job done when promised and the photos of my home were very detailed and flattering! I received them the next day and to say I was pleased is an understatement. Great people to work with in addition to great work! Kudos to Randy of Carolina Photographics and DispatchPhoto.com, I would recommend them to anyone wanting experienced and professional photographers."
--Linda Love, Columbia, SC

"I've been using DispatchPhoto.com since the latter part of 2008. Most recently I worked with Justin Smith in New York. I've yet to have any problems and the price is always right.  DispatchPhoto.com is the first place everyone in my company goes when we need pictures of a project."
--Charles Caplan, Image Consulting Services, Inc., South Euclid, OH

"In the past we had experienced delays in getting quality photos from others, but now our company is using photographers from DispatchPhoto.com which has really simplified the process. We normally get high quality photos back within a couple of days…at a reasonable price. We are definitely happy with the results."
--Terry L. Brockett, General Manager, Starlite Sign, Denton, TX

"Our company was in need of great pictures fast and Dispatch Photo was able to help us with just that! They were professional, reliable and helpful in executing our needs."

--Private Equity Firm, San Francisco.

"I'm so glad I found DispatchPhoto.com, it has proven to be a valuable and time saving resource in fulfilling the photographic needs of my business.  Its members are responsive and very professional in handling the tasks I give them. Thanks for being there for me."
--Todd Taskey, Potomac Business Capital, Inc.

"Our company has used several professional photographers from the Dispatch Photo Network and each project was completed expertly and quickly. The DispatchPhoto.com network is a time-saving and ultimately cost efficient way for our organization to meet the needs of our clients."
--Chairman of the Board - A Nationwide Sign Corporation

“We have been hiring photographers to shoot homes all about the country, and have been finding it difficult to get good photographers that don't charge enormous prices for very few shots, and then place impossible limitations on the use of the images. Dispatch Photo has provided us a resource for photographers who can go to the site, shoot what we ask for, and send plenty of digital images back to us, with no usage issues. At the very least, it has made finding reasonably priced photography much easier. The quality has been very good, the turnaround time prompt, and we have yet to be disappointed. The one time we had an issue, the photographer made an extra effort to make it right for us.”
--Andrew VanHausen, Graphic Designer, Dallas, TX

“Tim, I want to express my appreciation and more importantly, my satisfaction with the photo services that you performed for our company while I was out of the country. The quality of the photos that you produced were impeccable. When I requested you to shoot photos of the homes for the purpose of rendering a quote for exterior painting, I had no idea that you would produce such a fine combination of shots. In the end, we secured each of the jobs that we contracted you for and in large part, it was because of the thoroughness of your pictures. Your mobile photography concept is a brilliant idea!”
--Albert Johnson, Nature's Cove, Dallas, TX

"I was very happy with their service; they were very timely, they did a great job shooting something that I didn't feel was very glamorous. It has made a huge difference in our business and I will be using them again soon as we are updating our website.”
--Terry Lucas - Howron Industries, Aubrey, TX

"The Dispatch Photo Network provided my business with trained photographers, covering a broad area at a competitive price. The convenience of this service makes Dispatch Photo my top choice for photographic documentation.”
--MM., Project Manager – Colorado

“We have used DispatchPhoto to shoot about 10 properties for us and they have done an amazing job. We do all our business out of state and DispatchPhoto has truly has been our eyes in the area where we focus our business. Our photographer is conscientious of the specifics we want on our photographs and gets it perfect every time. I have been very pleased with how he has helped us be more productive and efficient and plan on utilizing DispatchPhoto for as long as we can. They are a great asset to our company."
--Sierra McCleve - Patriot Properties, LLC

“The photographer was very prompt and knew the area very well which was extremely helpful to my business. The services were reasonably priced and the photos were spot-on.”
--Debbie Smith - (San Francisco Realtor)

“I have used DispatchPhoto for a photo shoot in Miami and I was greatly impressed with the service provided. I am now looking to expand the use of DispatchPhoto in multi-state areas. The service I received was professional, timely and affordable.”
--Michaela Schauer, Marketing Manager - Mobile Modular

“The pictures were well shot.  We were able to determine everything we needed.  Thank You.”
--Eric Stevens - iCatch Displays

“I was in a bind trying to find someone in Tucson, AZ to complete a short-term marketing project.  I was lucky enough to be paired up with Billy Drake, one member of Dispatch Photo’s extensive national network of photographers.  Mr. Drake was quick to accept the responsibility of a quick turnaround, close attention to detail, and a high level of responsiveness and flexibility.  The end result was an immaculate presentation of photos from the field and a detailed recap to our exact specifications.  I’ll certainly look to Dispatch Photo Network for our photographer needs in any market they are available.”
--Arik Abel, Project & Events Director - Encompass Outdoor

“I was happy with everything! That simple!”
--Rick Moe - General Manager, First Shred LLC

"We needed photos quickly of a completed house renovation before the new residents moved in so I called Tim at DispatchPhoto.com.  He went out on a Sunday afternoon and got the photos we needed.  Not only did he provide us with quick response but the photos were gorgeous!  Thanks Tim."
 Grandy, York Street Homes, Dallas, TX


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