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Membership Information
Notice: I am not currently accepting applications for new members

Hello, my name is Tim Purpura. I am the founder and administrator of the North American Dispatch Photographers Network hereinafter referred to as "Network". We are independent photographers across North America who have joined together to collectively market our services to companies and individuals domestically and internationally. Each member photographer is a separate business entity. This Website, DispatchPhoto.com and the Network is essentially an advertising vehicle for its members.

Our aim is to provide customers anywhere in the world with remote photography services in the cities and towns where our members conduct their business. The Network members strive to offer quick response on-site digital photography services in a fairly consistent manner. Generally our fees range between $40-$50 per hour with a 2 to 3 hour minimum. However, some of our members prefer to price their services based on the specific requirements of each job. Many of our members also offer traditional photographic services such as wedding photography at higher price points. In general there are no use restrictions on the photos since the photographer and customer share those rights. However, each party must obtain the permission of the other for any unusual or unintended use of the images.

Membership Dues: Membership dues are just $4 per month ($48 per year paid in advance) starting from the date an individual joins the Network. The date an individual joins the Network becomes their membership anniversary date and the date for payment of subsequent dues. PayPal is the preferred method for payment of dues, however, a mailed check is acceptable.

Prerequisites For Membership:
  • Be available during normal daytime business hours to perform on-site photo shoots for your customers. Persons with regular day jobs bound to a workplace or classroom would not be considered good candidates for this Network.

  • You must be a competent photographer with a thorough understanding of basic photographic concepts such as shutter speed, f-stops, DOF (depth-of-field), etc.

  • Have a good quality DSLR camera (10 megapixel or better) with lenses covering wide angle to telephoto. A flash attachment (speedlite) is required.

  • A desktop and/or laptop computer with a high speed Internet connection is required.

  • Must be proficient in basic digital image manipulation such as resizing and cropping using computer based software.

For the prospective member, the benefit of joining this Network is the exposure you get to customers anywhere in the world who need photographic services in your city. The Network connects you with customers near and far.

Being considered for Network membership is not an offer of employment nor is being a member of the Network a paid employment position. It is merely a way for existing photographers to supplement their income. I make no claims that being a Network member will provide you with a certain amount of income. As with any form of paid advertising there is no guarantee that participating in this Network will yield you a certain return on your investment. However, past experience shows that being a Network member increases the probability of obtaining paid photo gigs as a result of our Craigslist Advertising Program. There are members who have made hundreds if not thousands of dollars as a result of their participation in the Network. I cannot guarantee that this would be your experience. I can say that you will recoup your initial yearly dues payment with your very first gig. We have several corporate clients who use our Network members on a continuing basis. Once you become a member you are immediately plugged into those clients. Members are not required to pay a commission to me or any other Network member for photo gigs they obtain as a result of being a Network member.

Members work with their customers directly and get paid by them directly. No payments go through me or any other Network member. To protect their privacy, members are not required to provide information to me or any Network member regarding any paid photo gigs they obtain as a result of being a Network member. Consequently, I am not able to provide prospective members with specifics on the amount of work existing members are getting as a result of their participation in the Network. Remember, the Network is essentially an advertising vehicle for its members. The only money that Network members pay me, the Network Administrator, is the annual membership dues. The membership dues amount to less then 93 per week. In return for that you get national and international exposure to customers through our Craigslist Advertising Program and visits to our Website.

I'm always looking for photographers who would be interested in joining our Network to represent North American cities not currently assigned. Each city is limited to one representative. You establish your own prices within the pricing guidelines listed below. You also establish your own terms, conditions and details outlining your services. As a member, you are encouraged to advertise your Dispatch Photography Services in your geographical area using Craigslist. You may also advertise in other mediums of your choosing.

Member Responsibilities:
  1. Be responsive to prospective customers seeking your services or referrals forwarded to you by other Network members.

  2. Be willing to provide this kind of photo service to clients at a suggested fee ranging from $40 to $50 per hour with release of the digital photos to the customer without use restrictions. Stipulating a 2 to 3 hour minimum is recommended. Optionally you may choose to price your services based on the specific requirements of each job keeping in mind the Network's goal of providing customers with a lower cost alternative to traditional photographer's fees.

  3. A cell phone with voice mail is required.

  4. Be able to provide quick response service to your customers in as little as two hours if possible.

  5. Having a Webpage advertising your Dispatch Photo Services is strongly recommended but not required. I provide new members, free of charge, a template for creating a one page Website. If members do publish a Dispatch Photography Service Website of their own or add a dedicated page to their existing Website they are asked to include a reference and link to the DispatchPhoto.com Website.

  6. Members are strongly encouraged to periodically post a Craigslist Ad advertising their service for as long as they are a member. The Ad copy and instructions will be provided to the member.

  7. A PayPal account is required.

As long as members continue to meet the responsibilities listed above and pay their membership dues, they will be considered "Members in Good Standing". As such they may keep their assigned city or geographical area for as long as they wish. Members who fail to meet these responsibilities risk being removed from the Network.

If a member in "Good Standing" chooses to resign for reasons unrelated to the responsibilities of membership, any paid dues will be refunded on a prorated basis. If a member has to be removed from the Network for failure to meet one or more of the responsibilities of Membership they will forfeit any paid dues.

Exclusivity: One of the founding principles of this Network is that members not compete with one another, therefore I limit each city and its surrounding areas to one representative. However, larger metropolitan areas may, at my discretion, be divided into two or more geographical areas. The placement and the proximity of members to one another is a key issue. Even if a city is already taken, I am accepting back-up applications from individuals who will be contacted should the existing member for that city resign from the Network.

Geography: Members must live and work within the area they represent. All surrounding suburbs are included in the member's exclusive area. For example, I cover the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas which covers dozens of other smaller cities all considered part of the metro area. Another consideration is whether Craigslist has established a particular city as a separate city listing on their Website. Most likely I would not name a person from a smaller city or town if it was not listed as a separate Craigslist city.

Deciding to Apply or Not: It is important that you weigh carefully your decision to apply for Membership. As noted above, being a Network member carries with it responsibilities. Meeting those responsibilities on an ongoing basis will ultimately benefit the individual member and all Network members in general. The actions of each member reflect on the entire Network. It is important that each member conduct their business dealings with their customers keeping in mind that they are a representative of the Network.

Prospective members should also review the following pages:

Network Members | More About Us | Testimonials | Unassigned Cities

Applying for Membership: If after reviewing this information, you understand the benefits of being a Network member and are willing to fulfill all of the requirements spelled out above, please send an email to me at tim@dispatchphoto.com including the following items:

  1. Name of the city you're interested in representing. You may only apply for a city that is not currently represented. However, you may submit an application for an assigned city and it will be held as a back-up should the existing member for that city leave the Network. Refer to the Unassigned Cities list for available cities. 
  2. Your full name as you would like it to appear on the Network Members Page and Google Member Map.
  3. The address of the location you would be working from. If this is different than your home address, I will also need your home address. These addresses will not appear on the Network Members Page and Google Member Map.
  4. Two telephone numbers I can use to reach you. These numbers will appear on the Network Members Page and Google Member Map.
  5. One professional/business reference with name and phone number.
  6. The email address you want to appear on the Network Members Page and Google Member Map as well as a secondary email address.
  7. Description of your primary photo gear. Please indicate whether you have video capability.
  8. Samples or links to samples of your work.
  9. A description of your photographic experience including types of photography you do. Optionally you may submit your resume.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions prior to submitting your application.

Member Selection:
As founder and administrator of this list, I reserve the right to determine who becomes a member of this Network. I screen, by email, all candidates expressing an interest in joining the Network. Final candidates are interviewed by telephone. I select who, in my opinion, is the best candidate who meets or exceeds the requirements listed above. Additional consideration is given to those expressing a desire to help promote the Network for the benefit of all members. I do this on behalf of prospective customers seeking photographic services. However, I cannot be held responsible for the actions or inactions of those on the list. If a Network member becomes unresponsive and fails to meet one or more of the Prerequisites For Membership or Member Responsibilities they risk being removed from the Network.

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